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3rd Annual Grouse Ridge Mountain Bike Race

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Read what last year's Racers had to say about the Grouse Ridge Mountain Bike Race

Robert Britschgi, Seattle
DH Sport Men 40-49
Emailed: "The race was totally cool!!  Being only the second downhill I've ridden and the first on a downhill bike, I wasn't sure what to expect.  From the course to the support to the overall organization, I was impressed.  Schedule permitting we'll try to do the whole weekend next year."
Jeff Haymes, Lacey
DH Expert Men 30-39
XC Sport Men 30-30
Emailed: "Had an excellent time at the races.  Both the downhill and x-country races were killer.  The cross country course was a great mix of technical and speed sections, and a refreshing change of pace from the multi-loop road-biker specials that seem to dominate the racing scene nowadays (you could have omitted the hornet's next at about mile 10 though :).  I really liked the tow course format at the downhill also.  I really appreciate the effort you guys put into the event and will recommend it to anyone - keep up the good work!"
Forest Heitpas, Sequim
XC Beginner Men 15-18
"Muddy and sweet."
Lawrence Hann, Bothell
XC Beginner Men 30-39 
"Good. Tough.  Very muddy, challenging.  Single track twisty down through woods.  Was the most fun I've had in years."
Jim McLean, Montesano
XC Sport Men 40-49


"Course was challenging.  Good mix of trails and roads.  Marked really well.  Easy to follow.  I could have used a water stop." [There will be one in 2001].
Leo Nixon, Montesano
XC Sport Men 50+
Volunteer for the DH
"All marked.  Excellent course.  Very challenging for the average rider."
Jonathan Sundt, Bellevue
XC Pro Men 19-29
"This is great!"
The crew re the XC race:
"No Name", "Smoothie", "Eric Spaceboy"
"Really fun."
"It's a great thing we had the mud at the beginning to get it out of the way."
"When they say fresh cut, they mean fresh cut.  Great course!"
"It was great!"
Craig Sawyer, Bonney Lake
XC Sport Men 30-39
"It was a good time!"
Kevin Hornbeck, Tacoma
XC Sport Men 30-39
"Way cool single track. Super course (would prefer more trail.) This is the kind of course we always want to race.  The course flowed well.  When you were tired of road, you came to single track, and vice versa. People who haven't raced here don't know what they're missing."
Rod Briggs, Tacoma
XC Sport Men 30-39
"It was nice.  My legs were thrashed. Kevin talked me into it!"
Race Sponsored by the Spoke Busters Bicycle Club, P.O. Box 643, Montesano, WA  98563
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